JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 B.Arch and B.Plan Shift 2 Question Paper Analysis

JEE Main February 2021 for B.Arch and B.Plan has been conducted on February 23. Check the detailed exam analysis of JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 2 exam along with memory-based questions, solutions/answer key. The overall difficulty level of the paper was easy to mdoearte.

JEE Main 2021 Day 1 Shift 2 exam has been conducted on February 23 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (till 6:30 PM for B.Plan) for BArch & B.Plan (Paper 2A & 2B). The B.Plan question paper consists of a total number of 105 questions, and the candidates must answer 100. The choice is given in the Numerical questions where the test takers can answer any 5 out of 10 as per the revised JEE Main 2021 exam pattern. On the other hand, the total number of questions in Paper 2A (B.Arch) is 82. On this page, you can check the JEE Main 2021 exam analysis for the 23rd February Shift 2 exam along with the memory-based questions and answer key. The response sheet of JEE Main 2021 Phase 1 will be released within two days after the exam.

JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 2 Exam Analysis

The exam analysis of JEE Main 23rd Feb Shift 2 has been updated here. The Mathematics section was not too difficult, and most of the questions were easy to answer

Overall Difficulty Level of the ExamEasy to Moderate
Difficulty Level of MathematicsEasy to Moderate
Difficulty Level of General AptitudeEasy
Difficulty Level of Drawing Questions/ Planning-Based QuestionsModerate
Topics with More Weightage in MathematicsProbability
Difficulty Level of Numerical QuestionsModerate
Expected No. of Good Attempts (B.Arch/ B.Plan)65-70

Section Wise Difficulty Level of JEE Main 23rd Feb Shift 2

The section-wise difficulty level of JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 2 is as follows –

SectionEasy QuestionsMediumHard
General Aptitude30155

JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 2 Question Paper & Answer Key

MathematicsIf z1 and z2 are two non-zero complex number such that |z1 + z2| = |z1| + |z2|, then argz1 – argz2 is equal to _____ Answer – arg21-arg2=0
If 0< P(A) < 1, 0< P(B) < 1 and P (A⋃B) = P (A) + P(B) – P(A) P(B), then Answer – P(A/B) = P(A)
If f:(1, ∞) —> (2,∞) is given by f(n) = n+1, the f-1 (n) equals to Ans. x+√x2-4 / 2
If B and C are the square matrix of order n, and if A=B+C and BC = CB and C2 = 0. Then for any positive integer P, AP+1 = Bk [B+(P+1)C] Ans. P
The point on the curve y2 + 3x = 12y, when the tangent is vertical, is (are)?
If the circle passes through the point (ab) and cuts the circle x2+y2=K2 orthogonally shown, the equation of the centre is………2ax + 2by – (a2 + b2 + k2) = 0
The area bounded by the curves y = √x. 2y+3 = x and x-axis in the 1st quadrant is – Ans.9 sq units
JEE Main 23rd Feb Shift 2
JEE Main 23rd Feb Shift 2 Questions
JEE Main 23rd Bef Shift 2 Question 41

There are 4,5 & 6 points on three parallel lines respectively. It is given that no points are colinear which are on other parallel lines. How many circles are possible?
Find the equation of the common tangent to the ellipse (x+1)^2/2^2+(y-1)^2/3^2=1 and the circle (x+1)^2+(y-1)^2=4
From given options which building is constructed like colonial architecture in India?
A) Charminar,Hyderabad
B)ITC hotel
C)Victoria memorial hall
D)LIC building,Delhi
General AptitudeWho was the first Indian architect to win Pritzker prize in 2018
What is the full form of NHAI?
The word bungalow is derived from?
Architecture of JHAROKA is inspired from which region of India?
who is the architect of Akshardam temple?
Full form of UNESCO
Drawing QuestionsCopy a Portrait Given
Color either a kite festival or a composition with cubes and cuboids of given dimensions in the cool colour scheme
Draw using the following :
1. A cube of (2×2×2) (forgot no. allowed to use, maybe 8 or 6)
2. A cube of (2×4×6) (n=4)
Architecture or Planning-Based QuestionsWho is the architect of IIM Ahmedabad – Answer Louis Kahn
From which direction does Shadowless light fall on the southern hemisphere

The official JEE Main 2021 answer key will be released within two days after the exam. The Phase 1 JEE Main 2021 results are expected to be released in the first week of March.

Total Registrations for JEE Main Paper 2 (Feb 2021)

The total number of registrations for JEE Main February 2021 Paper 2A & 2B is as follows –

988810910OBC- NCL (Central List)

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