• Be sincere in your efforts.
  • Plan a daily timetable which should have equal distribution of number of hours to each subject.
  • Practice more number of times. Become perfect in the concept and subjects. (visit : )
  • Always start from BASICS because “without a base, there will be no altitude” and “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.
  • Focus more on previous year questions of IIT JEE.
  • Never check solutions of questions before attempting the question. SELF-ATTEMPT at least five times before you take a peek at the solution. Persevere till you get the right answer because “without falling you cannot stand at once”.
  • Always try a question with a CONCEPTUAL APPROACH. Don’t just read the question and then start answering it without getting to the bottom of what it is asking. Take a breath, think and answer. This will seem difficult at the start but once you make it a practice, it will become the norm for you.
  • BE CONFIDENT while you are preparing. NEVER LOSE CONFIDENCE. Motivation is important all the way till you reach an IIT of your choice.
  • .Strickly follow the syllabus as given on official website.
  • Nothing out of the syllabus is ever asked in JEE.

This is what Bruce Lee used to say: I do not fear the man who has practiced 10 thousand kicks once but the one who has practiced 1 kick 10 thousand times ! 🙂 So do limited things and become prefect in them !


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