JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 B.Arch and B.Plan Shift 1 Question Paper Analysis

JEE Main February 2021 for B.Arch and B.Plan is scheduled on February 23. Check the detailed exam analysis of JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 1 exam along with memory-based questions, solutions and answer key. The overall difficulty level of the paper was Moderate.

JEE Main 2021 Day 1 & Shift 1 exam has been conducted on February 23 for B.Arch/ B.Planning (Paper 2A & 2B) from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Some questions from previous years’ question papers have been repeated with a change in values. As per the revised exam pattern of JEE Main 2021, the question paper for B.Arch had a total number of 82 questions.

The Mathematics section had a total number of 10 numerical questions out of which the candidates can answer any five. Aptitude & Drawing/ Planning-Based Questions are the other two sections in B.Arch B.Planning exam of JEE Main 2021. On this page, you can check the detailed exam analysis of JEE Main 2021 scheduled on 23rd February 2021 (shift 1) along with memory-based questions & answers. The official JEE Main 2021 answer key will be released within 2 days after the exam. A total number of 63,065 candidates have registered for Paper 2A & 2B of JEE Main February 2021.

JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 1 Exam Analysis

The exam analysis of JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 1 has been updated here, and the Mathematics had only 3-4 difficult questions. For current affairs, most questions were from 2018.

Overall Difficulty Level of the ExamModerate
Difficulty Level of MathematicsEasy to Moderate
Difficulty Level of General AptitudeEasy to Moderate
Difficulty Level of Drawing QuestionsModerate
Topics with More Weightage in MathematicsVector Algebra                            Coordinate Geometry
Topics with Most Weightage in AptitudePatterns and Sequence
Difficulty Level of Numerical QuestionsTo be Updated
Expected No. of Good Attempts (B.Arch)65+

JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 1 Section Wise Difficulty

The section-wise difficulty level of JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 1 are as follows –

Name of the SubjectEasy QuestionsAverageDifficult
General Aptitude30137

If A+B+C = 180 degrees. Then, find tanA+tanb+tanC =? – Answer – tanA tabB tanC
If Z1 and Z2 is a unimodular complex number that satisfy Z12+Z22=4. Then (Z1+Z1)2+ (Z2+Z2)2 is equal to? Answer is 12
Evaluate (elogx + sinx )cosxdx
Area of the triangle formed by the complex number z, iz and z+iz is _____Ans. 1/2 |z|2
Find the equation of the normal to the curve x2 = 4y which passes through the point (1,2). Ans. x+y = 3
The locus of the midpoint of the chord of the circle x 2+y 2=4 which subtends a right angle at the origin is? – Ans. x2 + y2 = 2
No. of divisors of the form (4n + 2), of the integer 240 is – Ans.  20
The DE representing the family of curves y2 (2c + x2021 ) where c is the +ve parameter is of? Ans. Order 1
Given x = cy+bx, y = az+cx, z = bx+ay where x, y and z are not all zero, then a2 + b2 + c2 + 2ab = _____ Ans. 1
The minimum number of times a fair coin needs to be tossed so that the probability of getting at least two heads is at least 0.96 is ____ Ans. 8
If x > 1, y > 1, z > 1 are in GP, then 1 /1+lnx, 1 /1+lny, 1 /1+lnz are in _______Answer –  HP
If A, B and C are vector such that |B| = |C| then {(A+B) x (A+C)} x (B+C) x (BxC) = ______
General AptitudeWho was the designer of the world trade center? – Ans. Minoru Yamasaki, Emery Roth
A person writes letters to 6 friends and addresses a corresponding envelope. The number of ways in which 5 letters can be placed in the wrong envelope is?
Drawing QuestionsThere was a question related to Corona Vaccination & Booth (Not completely sure about questions – to be updated soon)

JEE Main 2021 response sheet will be released within 2 days after the exam, and the results of JEE Main Phase 1 are expected in the first week of March. JEE Main 2021 cutoff for JEE Advanced will be decided after the May 2021 exam.

Total Registrations for JEE Main Paper 2 (Feb 2021)

The total number of registrations for JEE Main February 2021 Paper 2A & 2B is as follows –

988810910OBC- NCL (Central List)

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